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George Phillips

In the world of Motorsports, there are many drivers, yet only a few tend to stand out among the crowd. Allow us to introduce you to one of them. And it’s not just his racing statistics, it’s the charisma, the spirit, and the drive that shines a light on this young brandable driver.

Not an average American Boy, George Phillips finds a way to stand out with humility and grace. Raised in Racing Country, George found a passion for the sport of Auto Racing at a very young age. Of course it starts with him in a 7 Volt vehicle which he would quickly outgrow. While most feel it’s about the drive for the checkers, this young man would touch those around him off of the track as well. In fact, at only six and a half years old, NASCAR Legend, Jeff Gordon found a fondness of young George. Jeff is who introduced George to Quarter Midget racing, and that truly set his wheels in motion. “I finally convinced them to just let me do this seriously and I jumped from the Rookie divisions in Quarter Midgets straight into the Senior ranks,” said George. He was able to Win 2 Cup titles and 2 track Championships.

Many think the passion for racing and sports overrides other quality things in life, but not with George and The Phillip’s family. George loves to fish, so anytime they have the opportunity to be at the Beach or on a boat, George is ready to cast a line. And neither sport nor fun is to overshadow one of the utmost importance in a child’s life, education. While George is on his Middle Schools track team as a long distance runner, he found a liking to Relay racing as it involves other teammates working together, as well as hand eye coordination. The fundamentals of humans and machines working simultaneously takes a well structured routine, more so from the human side. George has a strict workout routine working with Fit Stop Performance. Working out at the Gym 3 times a week, keeps him fit, yet allows him the flexibility to be a kid.

A mind set for branding, George has branded his early career in dedication to his, Mother. “The number 55 is special to me because my Mom was an All American NCAA Division 1 runner and her number was 5 for her gear bag,” he said. “When I was in kindergarten, I raced quarter midgets and I drew pictures at school all of the time of my car with the number 55.” Identity Branding at such a young age and he has only sharpened his skills and poise for his sponsors and partners.

In all of this, there is one thing that keeps him Vision Driven, and that is George’s Faith. “More than any of it, I know to be able to race is a true blessing from the Lord.

I like to post different Verses in my car as a reminder of that and the fact that the Lord goes with me wherever I go.” It’s truly what keeps his light shining anywhere and everywhere. A strong stern character shines brightly as his fan interaction is one of great joy.

As his success finds him continuously in Victory Lane, George would love to have you be a part of his journey on and off of the track.

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I am a Sports Enthusiast


I am on my Middle School’s track team


My Mom was an, All American NCAA Division 1 runner

I love iRacing


I have a strict workout routine with Fit Stop Performance


I Love Cheese Burgers and Pizza


I like to post different Bible Verses in my car


I am a NASCAR Historian



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